"Pilot/Detailers" are aspiring Airline Transport Pilots (ATPs) who have utilized our aircraft detailing training center, with industry recognized manuals, to learn how to properly, professionally, and safely detail any aircraft.

Aircraft Detailing to Flight Time Estimate

FAR 61.113 (c)

A private pilot may not pay less than the pro rata share of the operating expenses of a flight with passengers, provided the expenses involve only fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental fees.

What you do:

1) Select Make/Model
2) Review/Select Standardized Detailing Options
3) Adjust aircraft's hourly operating expense calculator (if necessary)
4) View Flight Time Estimate
Fly Safer.
Share the Experience.
Have more fun.


Aircraft Owners

Whether you need an extra set of eyes to look for traffic in the pattern or a fellow aviator to follow along on a cross country flight plan, Lazy-Eights makes it simple to find and connect with the most suitable Safety Pilot for your next flight.

Safety Pilots

Lazy-Eights offers the tools to keep you active in the G.A. community. Easily apply to flights posted on the dispatch board, while aircraft owners search for you. Our Marketing Center also offers a simple solution to easily connect with any aircraft owner at your local airport.

Lazy-Eights at a glance

Our mission is simple, we help aircraft owners fly safer, and help aviators without aircraft, take to the sky more often.

All Safety Pilots are certified commercial or ATP rated pilots, willing to offer their safety pilot services for the flight experience itself.


What are Safety Pilot Services?

Simply put: A Co-Pilot...whether the aircraft requires one or not, the benefits in having a fellow aviator up front are immense.

Need an extra set of eyes to look for traffic? Someone to work the radios, or simply scan the instruments, and follow along on your flight plan? Need a break from the stick and rudder? Heck, even an extra set of hands to push the plane back into the hangar. Safety Pilot Sevices can be any or all of these.

Logging Flight Time

Many of our Safety Pilots are here to help supplement their time building. It is the responsibility of both the aircraft owner and safety pilot to establish "ground rules" on the acting roles of each pilot for each flight.

Even when not the "acting" or "serving" as the pilot in command many flight hours can be logged concurrently either as;

1) "safety pilot time" per Far 61.51 (e) iii
2) "sole manipulator of the controls" per FAR 61.51 (e)